Software Development

Software Development

Every aspect of our lives is driven by information technology. Global Corporate Centre Of Excellence Information Technology Consulting Group helps you in your industries such as banking and finance, transportation, healthcare, retail and system security. We emerge as solution provider ready to push the frontier of the relevant technology for human benefit. Today's information Technology need to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation, agility and multiplatform support such as web, mobile and other devices.

We provide value added services to implement your IT vision with the lowest cost and will enable your application development, integration and testing more successfully for your company.

We deliver excellence across all of your enterprise's IT needs in the following areas of Custom Application Development, Application Maintenance and Process Improvement.

It has never been easier!

  • Our exceptionally skilled employees will provide a highly scalable, time and cost-effective customized applications that helps the organizations to run their business 24/7 from anywhere.
  • We offer services to take care of the maintenance of the applications with the minimal maintenance cost and help you to perform any enhancements based on the needs.
  • We offer you services for a consistent, documented, and repeatable processes to use for your applications which will eliminate any sudden surprises like outage, change failure and so on. The IT application internal controls will help you to meet the your operational, reporting and compliance criteria. The process improvement will prove the effectiveness of the organization's IT standards.
  • Finally, we can design and implement the programs for your organization quickly and cost effective way.

Product Development

Internet application Development and Mobile Application Development.

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Process Improvement

We help you to establish the Industry Standard Processes for your IT division.

IT Security Services

We are specialised in addressing your Information Security related risks to your organisation.

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Tours & Travels

We Offer Services in the areas of career Oriented Travels & Tours for the Students and Corporate Employees.


Our Strong Training Division can enrich your technical skills to meet the Industry expectation.